Consulting & Contract Engineering

Aweslome LLC provides a wide range of electrical engineering services to both small companies and individuals in the Ann Arbor Michigan area. Most contracts focus on products in their early or mid-design phase taking advantage of Aweslome Engineering's exceptional experience in Design For Test (DFT) methodologies. Those projects fall under three sub-categories: Building entire proof-of-concept hardware for customers with limited background in circuit design, Troubleshoot/debugging existing prototypes, and Expanding capabilities of working products. Other typical contracts include consulting on developing maintenance & field-tests for products nearing commercialization (incorporating the 8 years experience of Aweslome LLC's owner as a technician in the US Navy), and IC characterization.

Key differentiation between Aweslome LLC and other engineering firms is the owner. Aweslome LLC was founded by Fred Buhler while pursuing a PhD degree in Electrical Engineering at the University of Michigan after discovering an extensive demand for embedded circuit design and IC characterization due to a growing number of startups in the Ann Arbor/Detroit area. An extensive engineering background through both formal education and experience while serving as an electronic technician in the US Navy for eight years enable us to provide unparalleled quality over a wide range of products.